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About SELF

Who we are

Sustainable Empowerment Leadership Foundation

SELF is an international nonprofit, established in October 2016, based in California, and providing services in rural Honduras. SELF has ongoing community development projects led by Hondurans year-round. We welcome and host many international volunteers, families, students and interns, in both small and large groups, throughout the year. SELF partners with volunteers from many walks of life, as long as they agree to learn from and respect local culture.

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Our areas of focus

Health Collaborative

Providing basic healthcare and dental needs in partnership with local health centers.

Clean Water Team

Building sustainable clean water and sanitation solutions and fortifying water sources by planting trees with tree nurseries.

Community Youth Microenterprise Program

Empowering youth to stay in school, while learning on the job skills with microenterprise projects that fund their own educations.

Building Hope Program

Providing construction projects focusing on access to education and healthcare.

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You can make a difference

SELF helps hundreds of children and families, and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you. Each and every donation makes a difference.

Our Mission

Through an empowering collaboration with community members, we strive to develop sustainable initiatives for local challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring sustainability through collaboration, education and leadership development.

Our Strategy

We have developed strong local alliances including local government, health centers, police departments, schools, and other local NGOs in order to integrate with community structures already in place. These community alliances allow us to celebrate Honduran ideas and initiatives as the focus of our organizational goals, and promote sustainability of all of our projects. Education is absolutely at the center of everything we do at SELF. All of our projects have integrated educational components to provide sustainability and to empower our local community leaders.

Our Values

  • Respect local culture and customs
  • Encourage teamwork and cultural exchange
  • Commit to social justice
  • Create empowering and equal opportunity
  • Be conscious of the community needs
  • Emphasize the importance of a rewarding educational experience
  • Provide service with excellent quality healthcare
  • Partner with local authorities