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Alliances contribute to sustainability

The key to making our work in community development sustainable is simple: partnerships. The larger web of support we provide to our communities, the more we can share resources, learn from, and teach each other.

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Communities and Municipalities

As you learned in our community description pages, our strongest alliances are the community members themselves. Also, seeing as most projects in rural Honduras are accomplished at the level of local government, municipality support for our projects is essential. We are very grateful for the support of the Municipality of Cantarranas and the Municipality of Morocelí for their support for many, many projects over the years


Secretaría de Salud

Since our initiation as an organization in Honduras, we have always partnered with our local health center and the Secretary of Health. In this way, we can ensure we are meeting the local standard of care and work together towards our common goals of providing basic healthcare in rural Honduras.

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National Police

Also an important alliance for us since our inception, the National Police work with us on every collaborative to ensure the safety of our international volunteers. More than just security, many of our officer partners love to get involved with SELF’s activities including planting trees and competing in organized soccer games with our youth council.

Helping police

Instituto de Conservacion Forestal (ICF)

Initially working together in our Mandala Garden pilot project, we have developed a strong alliance with ICF, the National Honduran Forestry Conservation Institute. ICF has provided SELF with continuous resources and technical support for our Vivero Tree Nurseries and reforestation programs, including funding of 9 part-time jobs for our community members.

Mandala project

Servicio Autonomo Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (SANAA)

SANAA is the National Water Company in Honduras and provides technical support and supervision for all of our Clean Water Team Projects. All of SANAA’s projects comply with the Marco Law, the Honduran national water law, and SANAA helps direct local water committees so that they can do they the same.

Water coming

Big Dreamer's School (BDS)

We were incredibly grateful to have our first SELF office location provided for us in the back room at Big Dreamer’s School. Since 2016, we have worked with BDS in many capacities, including providing internet access for their school, scholarships for their students, partnering with them for their relocation and renovation, facilitating donations and volunteers, among many others.

School kids

Rotary International

All 3 cofounders of SELF are Rotarians, and so far we have had 7 visiting Rotarian international volunteers. Starting in 2018, we started our first Rotary International Global Grant with more than a dozen clubs in Honduras and the US involved. Global Grant # 1982209 is nearly complete and will be providing clean water and hygiene and sanitation education for more than 800 people in 153 families in 3 different communities.

Clean water
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You can make a difference

SELF helps hundreds of children and families, and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you. Each and every donation makes a difference.