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Education is the core of our outreach

Education is absolutely at the center of everything we do at SELF. In the words of our Clean Water Team technician Francisco Vega, "Un pueblo educado, es un pueblo sano" An educated village is a healthy village. All of our projects have educational components to provide sustainability and empower our local community leaders. Our single biggest contribution to education is Big Dreamer’s School (BDS), a local bilingual school. We have supported our sister organization, BDS for more than 3 years by providing access to Wifi for all students, student scholarships, and an organizational leadership partnership, sharing resources and ideas.

Mural education

Core Values

Truly, a village that is not educated is doomed to fail. Information is power, and everyone deserves the right of access to education. Our projects both begin and end with educational components. We initially empower community members with education, and then support them to share that information with their neighbors, friends and family. In addition to valuing education for our community members, we support education in many different ways: offering opportunities for student volunteers, supporting Honduran youth to stay in school, and supporting Big Dreamer’s School providing high quality bilingual education.

Community education

Education Programs

As we empower local leaders with leadership skills with our varied and integrated programs, we also strive to convey aspects of Honduran culture and values to our international volunteers. Our Community Youth Microenterprise program supports students to stay in school, while they learn on the job skills of leadership and teamwork through their microenterprise project. Profits from their microenterprise support their educational expenses with scholarships. Every Health Collaborative includes an education day for our Health Committee volunteers, where they learn about the most common conditions facing their communities such as: oral hygiene, healthy diet, and cervical cancer prevention. Including both the Clean Water Team and Health Collaborative, our longitudinal educational plan provides our communities members with information about clean water and sanitation, climate change and deforestation, basic health, hygiene, and dental care.

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Our partner in education

Big Dreamers School

Big Dreamers School (BDS) is an institution Honduras that has an agreement with the Secretary of Education to operate a basic bilingual education center. The school provides of all kinds, making it an English Academy for young people to excel.

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You can make a difference

SELF helps hundreds of children and families, and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you. Each and every donation makes a difference.