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Hogar Wil Sueño

General information

Hogar Wil Sueño is a beautiful senior community located just beyond the municipality of Morocelí on the road to Danlí. Founded by a very generous woman from Holland, Wilhelmina Johana Adriana Van Stein has spent all of her retirement savings in dedication to providing a safe and comfortable home for “viejitos” or senior citizens of rural Honduras. SELF has housed its offices in this location since 2017, as a means to have a safe open space for both administrative and program activities, but also as a way to support the senior community.


In the valley between the Rio Blanco and the Rio Grande o Choluteca, Wil Sueño has over 40 acres of fertile land. Wil Sueño is located just off the main road between Tegucigalpa and Danlí, and has several buildings and small ponds dedicated to its activities. As the headquarters for SELF, it conveniently has plenty of land for outdoor projects, including the vivero and mandala garden, as well as a central location within 60 km of all of the villages where we work.

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Approximately a dozen viejitos live in this community, in addition to a small amount of staff, and visiting groups of renters are on location for short periods of time. Hogar Wil Sueño “Wil’s Dream Home”, has tilapia beds to raise fresh fish and a small pig farm, as well as dozens of small apartments. Each of these microenterprises helps generate a small amount of income to help provide for the needs of the community’s inhabitants.

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Beginning in 2017, SELF moved its main offices from Big Dreamer’s School to Wil Sueño. Since that time, we have had the opportunity for several outdoor projects. The Mandala Garden pilot project, in cooperation with ICF (National Forestry Conservation Institute), was planted and harvested in 2019. Installed in 2019, the main vivero tree nursery, has produced more than 30,000 seedling trees for reforestation at Wil Sueño itself as well as dozens of other local villages.

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