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Forest Nurseries

Forests improve water quality

Reforestation of our local water sources has many beneficial functions, including reducing erosion and sedimentation, as well as absorbing polluting chemicals. Trees planted in abundance also provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and help combat climate change. By including reforestation in our Clean Water programs with SELF, we are ensuring sustainability for many generations to come.


To be able to plant over 10,000 trees in 2019 and an additional 24,000 trees in 2020, SELF develops several “viveros” or forest nurseries to be able to support the growing seedlings. We have three locations for these viveros- the village of Villa Nueva, Big Dreamer’s School and our primary location, Wil Sueño. The seedling trees are planted in bags, and cared for with irrigation and shelter. Community leaders including village water council members all participate in these preparation activities and reforestation campaigns as an investment in the reforestation development of their communities.

Reforest vivero

National Forestry Organization Alliance

SELF would not be able to have such great success with our reforestation campaigns without the consistent partnership of one of our strongest alliances, ICF (National Forestry Conservation Institute). ICF has provided technical assistance, donations of seeds, and in 2020 payment of 9 community members salaries for part-time jobs working in the viveros.

Reforest planting


Reforestation is an important part of the SELF Clean Water Team, and we have developed a green membership program to reinforce our reforestation partnerships. Our green membership program actively involves municipalities and village water councils with reforestation efforts in their own communities and empowers students with education regarding forestry and climate change.

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You can make a difference

SELF helps hundreds of children and families, and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you. Each and every donation makes a difference.