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Mandala Garden

Small-scale Sustainable Farming

In 2019, we completed our initial Mandala garden pilot project, a collaboration with ICF, the Honduran Forestry Conservation Institute. This project’s goals are to create a small-scale farming project in a sustainable way. A small Mandala Farm is the perfect scale for a community garden, with sufficient production of produce for dozens of families, the size of several of our local villages.

Community viejitos garden

Organic Produce

Access to a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can be a challenge in rural Honduras. Produce from our pilot Mandala Garden was donated to the seniors living at Wil Sueño, many of whom have chronic diseases. The fruits and vegetables that were not able to be consumed by our viejitos at Wil Sueño, were sold at market, with the inversions applied to the costs of the project, promoting the sustainability of the Mandala Garden.

Fresh produce

Healthy diet and gardening skills education

Not only does the Mandala Garden produce healthy fruits and vegetables as a means to improve the health and diet of its beneficiaries, but it is also an opportunity to provide valuable life skills. The seniors at Wil Sueño partnered with us to help with maintenance of the garden. Many of these seniors at Wil Sueño already had gardening skills knowledge, however students and members of new communities will be eager to gain these useful skills.

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Men and mandala

From pilot to production

Our goal is to replicate this sustainable farming pilot project in our other communities, including schools, in order to provide healthy produce and empower community members and students with valuable gardening skills. Future Mandala Garden projects can be partnered with the Vivero projects in communities where we are already providing Clean Water Team projects including education regarding leadership, teamwork, organization, clean water and hygiene, as well as climate change.

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