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Caring for senior community members with teamwork

Rural Honduras is built on a multi-generational family structure, and there are often several generations of a family living under one roof. As we try to provide care for one of the most vulnerable populations, “viejitos” or seniors living in our villages, we partner with neighbors and family members for support. Vijetos often have complicated health histories, multiple chronic diagnoses, and more daily medications than any other family member, so teamwork is crucial for supporting their health with success. Healthy senior citizens then serve as role models and symbols of health and longevity for the entire community.

Home visits

As part of the health collaborative, we provide home visits to senior citizens in the village, who may not easily be able to leave their home. As we expand our geriatrics program, we hope to provide at least quarterly home visits for our viejitos throughout the year, in addition to our consistent community education plan.

Geriatric home visits

Healthy Diet, Medication Compliance, and Chronic Disease

Because the older community members have the highest incidence of chronic disease, healthy diet and medication compliance are both very important to health maintenance. The focuses of our geriatric health program are education regarding these key concepts, as well as the goal of helping to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. Educating community volunteers to help older citizens take their medications consistently helps these patients live longer, healthier lives.

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One of our Most Important Geriatrics Projects: Wil Sueño

Where we have our SELF offices in Honduras, rent is more than rent. Our monthly office overhead, as well as lodging fees from our volunteers, support a community of seniors, living at a beautiful and quiet community: Wil Sueño. Not only do we provide income to support the Wil Sueño senior’s daily activities, we have also provided fresh fruits and veggies from our Mandala Garden pilot project, as well as health consultations and medications.

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